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Adobe PDF file Code of Conduct *- The Codes of Conduct exist to elevate and maintain the high standard of sportsmanship in squash competition. They have been developed to maintain enjoyment and safety at accredited events, and are aligned with US Squash values of fairness, sportsmanship and respect.

Adobe PDF file Rules of Squash *- As a member of the World Squash Federation, US Squash matches follow the international rules of the game of squash:

Adobe PDF file Darien High School Squash Team Player Contract *

Adobe PDF file DHS Coaches' Athletic Emergency Form *

Adobe PDF file Health Assessment Record *- State of Connecticut Department of Education Health Assessment Record

Adobe PDF file 2018 Orientation Packet *- On January 29, 2018, there was an organizational and informational meeting for those interested in being on the Darien Elementary School (DES) Squash Team. Parents were encouraged to attend. This document was distributed at the meeting.

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