Darien Squash, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the growth and development of squash for young residents of Darien (kindergarten-12th grade).

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The official Darien Squash team uniform for high school players is solid white tops with solid royal blue bottoms.

Darien High School players have three uniform options:

  1. Wear the school-supplied uniform at no charge; to be distributed before the first match.
  2. Purchase a solid white top and/or royal blue bottoms of your choice; these items will not have the Darien Squash Logo.
  3. Purchase a white top and/or royal blue bottoms from the Blue Wave Store; these items will have the Darien Squash Logo. [ Store opens on Novembe 27, 2018 for our 2nd round of orders. ]