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Darien squash players are known for their ability on court and in the classroom.  We also want people to know us for our passion for coaching and mentoring younger players.  Darien squash recruits up to 10 student-athletes from the high school squash team to mentor the middle school squash team, and up to 10 student-athletes from the middle school squash team to mentor the elementary school squash team.
We are looking for older players who will take their Mentoring role seriously, and want to teach and coach younger players on and off court.  Mentors will be on court working with younger players and taking direction from Coaches.  Mentors are leaders who respect, actively listen to, demonstrate empathy, and assist younger players with solutions and opportunities on and off court.  These younger players look forward to seeing these older role models both as athletes and individuals on the squash court, in school, and in the community.
Mentors are selected based on various factors including, effort, parental involvement, Manager and Coach references, athletic ability, character, and attitude.
If you have made a decision to apply to be a Darien Squash Student-Athlete Mentor, it is important to understand the following:
  • Time commitment: arrive 5 minutes early, stay 5 minutes late; to talk with parents and players about their child’s practice
  • Number of younger players: we plan a 5:1 ratio on court (5 players : 1 Coach). Mentors are in addition to the Coach, not in place of the Coach
  • Activities and skills: Mentors take direction from the Coach; note that this is not a babysitting job
  • Location: Chelsea Piers Squash Area; start on the doubles court
  • Your Resume: Darien Squash Student-Athlete Mentoring Program [enter years]
  • Payment: $10 Hour